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At 99SOUQ we offer our consumers an opportunity to enhance their shopping experience with a wide range of electronic gift vouchers for entertainment, gaming, shopping, and gift purposes, you will find numerous brands of e-vouchers that are available such as Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Razer Gold, Netflix, PUBG, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Spotify, Apple Music, eBay, Crunchyroll, IMVU, GameStop, League of Legends, Karma Koin, Roblox, free Fire, and more. We also offer multiple e-payment methods to streamline the customer’s experience such as bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Fawry, and Apple Pay.


We believe our customers deserve the highest value of products and level of services that we can provide, and we always aim to achieve absolute success and diversity, exceeding our customer’s expectations. We take great care in all aspects of our business and apply the same high values to our employees. We wish to create a competent and innovative working environment, developing and implementing modern business methods.

Are you a publisher, exclusive distributor, or agent? Are you looking for a suitable retailer that works efficiently and has a broad customer base in one of the fastest growing sectors in the world? We are the most credible choice for you!

Mission: To give our customers an experience they deserve by providing the highest quality products and services. Aiming to continuously provide ‘the best’ always, being your first port of call for your e-voucher needs.


Vision: We work to achieve absolute success through diversity, strategy, and exceeding our customer’s expectations. Aiming to create distinctive capabilities that innovate and create the future of e-commerce.


Passion: Our desire for innovation stems from the enthusiasm that we have towards our work. Our primary motivation is to express our unique personality and inspire others to believe in what we do.


Excellence: Our digital storehouse is the best of its kind and this privilege motivates us to be the best in our business. We are advancing the industry into the future and moving into new pastures, with our specialized team providing high quality services and products to achieve our clear vision.


Creativity: As Albert Einstein once said that, “logic will take you from A to B, where imagination takes you is everywhere.” Our team embraces creativity and innovation; we are imaginative thinkers and want to spread revolutionary ideas throughout the industry to help it thrive and grow.


Goals: To market and grow product diversification for the long-term evolution and dynamic stability of our company.



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